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Covering you and your family if the unexpected happens.

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Medicare Supplement Insurance

Covering what medicare doesn't.

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  • Bracket Challenge

    Are you ready to join our NCAA 2018 March Madness bracket challenge? The winner will receive a gift card for dinner and a picture of themselves on our "Wall of Winners" in the office.

  • Changes

    No, I'm not talking about the David Bowie song (although it's a great song isn't it? I need to go listen to it when we are done here.) I'm talking about all those things happening to you throughout the year that could affect your insurance. Let's talk about what life events may trigger changes and when you should call your agent.


  • Amber is a great insurance agent. She is always available for her clients. You’d be hard pressed to find an agent that cares more about their clients. I recommend her to all of my family and friends!
    Clay Thompson General Manager at Bob Rohrman Honda
  • Amber has provided my family auto and home insurance since 2013. Her office always promptly and efficiently answered our insurance questions and provided exceptionally friendly service. Amber is reliable, dedicated and always upbeat! It’s evident that she loves what she does and helping others. She even makes the occasional calls to her customers just to thank them for their trust in her. Amber is also very involved in our community and is always giving back, which I admire about her.
    Jen Edwards Account Executive at The National Group
  • Insurance isn’t my “thing”. Lucky for me insurance is Amber‘s "thing". Amber was giddy after she reviewed my previous provider and found she could save me $500 a year while INCREASING my coverages. I was thrilled and with the money I saved, I bought my wife tenth row concert tickets to see Bruno Mars for her birthday. She was giddy too! I had never been excited about insurance until I switched to Erie Insurance from Insurance Solutions from Amber. If you want to get excited about insurance… "Better Call Amber".
    Ski Anderson Station Manager at WAZY-FM, WBPE-FM, WYCM-FM, WSHY-AM