No, I'm not talking about the David Bowie song (although it's a great song isn't it? I need to go listen to it when we are done here.) I'm talking about all those things happening to you throughout the year that could affect your insurance. Let's talk about what life events may trigger changes and when you should call your agent.

When we say #BetterCallAmber we don't just mean when you want a quote. You should call us when something changes in your household. Some of the more common changes include:

  • Change of address
  • Change of vehicle
  • Change of contact information
  • Marriage or Divorce

These seem to be "no brainers" right? These are the things that make you say, "Oh yea, let's call the insurance office and get that changed." These things could change your rate and we need to know ASAP when they happen.

What about those things you may not think about? Let's talk about some of them and why it's important to contact us when they occur.

Did your teenager finally get their license? This is the time to call us so we can get them added to the insurance and rated properly. We can talk about which vehicle they will be driving, what discounts we can possibly find and have a talk with them about what to do in case of an accident. I know people are scared of what will happen to their rate once you add them but even if you wait and call us later the insurance companies can go back and charge to the date they got their license! We really want to make sure everyone is protected properly and promptly.

Did you change your job? This is another situation that can affect your insurance in a few ways. If you're traveling fewer miles,that could save you money on your premium. Did you retire/quit working? We can change that and save you some money. Are you driving your car for business? Let's update that so you've got proper coverage.

Speaking of using your car for business...

Have you picked up a job where you use your car? This is a great way to earn extra cash but also a great way to get into hot water if there is an accident. Driving for Lyft, Uber, UberEats, Hungry Boiler or anything similar is a big reason to call us! Your normal insurance won't cover you for these jobs and we need to add the information ASAP. Before you even sign the papers with the employer give us a call, let's go over the paperwork and see what you need. Even if you're just delivering pizza you need to contact your insurance agency. Don't assume you are covered. It could save a lot of heartache later if there is a claim!

Are you running a home-based business? Many people are turning to home-based businesses to have the flexibility to work from home, making their own hours with the freedom to earn that extra money. We need to make sure you have coverage for things like your inventory, business property and liability if you have clients coming to your home. Whether it's makeup, jewelry, clothing or hair and make up we need to protect your assets.

Did you get a new dog? Give us a call and let us know. First of all, WE LOVE DOGGOS!! Second,and more importantly, we need to update your policy with the information. There are some breeds that insurance companies are excluding from coverage and if yours is one, then we need to make sure we can find you coverage somewhere that protects your assets so you can enjoy your new family member without worry.

Did you have a baby?! WE LOVE BABIES! Give us a call let us know. We'd love to congratulate you and update our records.

Do you want to have a cup of coffee and talk about the summer concert tours? We would love to do that too. We are concert crazy.

Overall, we just wanted to make you aware of some of the situations we've run into over the past 15 years that may cause unneeded issues later down the road. It's our job to help you figure out how these things could impact your policies. We are pretty good at our job!

So if you've read through this, here is your pot of gold at the end of the coverage rainbow.



Posted on Feb 06, 2018