Life Insurance

You're running out of time to get this right...

Life Insurance isn’t fun to talk about. It’s quite possibly the most important thing to have nailed down. Your family needs to know they are taken care of if the worst happens. Let’s sit down. No obligations.

They’ll need it.

Life insurance is not for the person it covers. It’s for the people that get left behind. She might be a professional, she might be a mom, he might be a husband and a stay at home dad, but they will be devastated. Your death won’t come at the right time. It won’t be convenient. It won’t be easy. Life Insurance can, at the very least, make the financial impact smaller.  Dealing with the big change shouldn’t come with other big changes like losing a house, cars or standard of living.  Life insurance will give them the time they need to get back on their feet. 

They’ll need it.

Kids usually don’t fully understand. It’s bad enough that the death robs them of a parent, grandparent, or guardian. Don’t let it rob them of their future. Life Insurance will provide for your children when you can’t. It will be there for them when you’re gone.  Making sure they can get that prom dress, that new tuba or go on that big trip.  It will make the down payment for them after they get that college acceptance letter.  You’ll always be there for them. 

Let’s sit down over coffee and talk about life.